EKENE by Okwori

Ekene, you are music to
my ears, you are not like
the drums and trumpets
but like the sweet sound
of the piano and violin.
Ekene I thought my heart
was already hard and ice
cold, but you are the fire
that melts the ice. You are
the dream not the nightmare, you
do not bring colours into my
world, you are colours in my
dim darkened world. Amongst
roses, daisies and lilies, you
stand tall like the iroko, beautiful
as the blooming rose. The peacock
goes to hide her face when
she sees yours. Ekene, the gentle
sweet sound of your voice is
not tumultuous, it is ever peaceful
and my ears dance to it beats.
You are like the stars and the
moon, you brighten my darkest
hour. The world they say has
gone ice cold, but you are the
warmness that shields me from
its ravaging harshness. Can we
dance beneath the dancing trees
and enjoy the sweet breeze tonight, so
the cackles of our laughter will be
heard by all? I love you Ekene, not
like good and tomorrow but like
forever and unconditional.

Love series.
8:30 PM
TYPE : poem.
™Joy okwori

OVEL by Joy Okwori


A stillborn, too early it came, lived for a number of beautiful days, then like a candle fallen in water its flame goes out, but not this time.

This time, it has power and a
voice of its own, see how it speaks for itself. Pulling me to you and
despite my strength, I fight not.

Ebuka, my love for you, is still
fresh like palm wine. Taste of
it, before it goes sour, reciprocate
it, before someone else claims it.

It is not an ephemeral feeling
It will last as long as the moon
and earth. Let the gate open and spread wide like wings of a bird.

Let it spread wide enough, that
this love may find its home in it.
It is pure, transparent and not
a bit gloom has her place in it.

Ebuka, open your beautiful eyes
rid it of all dust and dancing, glue
it to mine, and only then will this
ovel I feel for you be yours.

™Joy Okwori.