LET IT by Deborah


Let me greet to your night
While singing softly a song
utter love that we create together
Let my fingers dance on your face
Open the strands of hair
that closes your forehead, your ears
Allow my lips to kiss the beauty of your soul
Until the golden red hue breaks
In every corner of our heart
Let me light the furnace
to bring back the warmth
and burning all the miserable of the last story
Allow me

Deborah (Resting Time)






Promises are been served on a broken plate, our hands are out stretched to receive in a haste.
As joy finds its root in our heart.

Their smiles, are a mask. Seeing
deceit in their hearts, a hard task.
Their words are a blindfold to our
eyes, we fail to see the lies they tell.

They offered change, a yearning
of our broken hearts. We gave them a chance, on a golden platter. Oh Now change has crushed our hearts

With lying lips, they held out brooms, to sweep out corruption. Oh, but they are the corruption, that we need to sweep out.

Their kleptomaniac fingers, never
go to rest, but remains continuously
at work. Our economy’s back, is now bent and almost on its knees.

Shepherds who keep their flocks
away from the greener grasses, are
less of shepherds. Our daylight, is
turned a dark night.

Our dream land, now like a doom
land. Hunger has now found a bed
in our homes. Our palms, now a
pillow for our sad faces to rest on.

We watch the change, changing
things for the worse. How long,
do their words, remain a blindfold?
Oh I weep for our fathers land.

© Joy Okwori