Desert Songs by Dollin Holt

Habibi Habibi

I am not romantic

but I am enigmatic

I do not bring roses

but I bring fine proses

I do not bring dinner on candle-lit tables

but I bring heart-soothing desert songs to the table

I do not sprinkle petals on rainy nights in the bedroom

but I bring jasmine fragrance on moon-lit nights to the room

I am a wandering Bedouin with no tent in a fragmented world


BOOKS by Dollin Holt

The socialists gave us free books

The capitalists stopped free books

The communists gave us their own books

The religionists destroyed all of our books

My friend, there are people who are threatened by books

My friend, they know that you become empowered by books

My friend,do not stop bearing witness to the power of books

To overcome oppression and subjugation: read more books.

dh…for Caprecon Reading for Peace Series

The Poet by Amina Sadoh

Bless the hungry poet
for the good lord made it so
he trends the earth
and roams the sea
he puts your thoughts in words

Bless the hungry poet
for the good lord made it so
he sees your pains
and reads your heart
and through your eyes
he finds your soul
and desires met or not
Bless the hungry poet
for he throds the earth
and is throden by it
Preluded or not
he put his heart to words

Love and Hate by Amina Sadoh

What use is your hate
If your love can’t take me there
What use is your love
If your hate can’t bring me back

What use is your hate
If your love won’t pull
My lips forcefully sideways
Why would your hate
Pull my brows
In a tight embrace?
Love and hate
A thin descripancy
Powerful! Forceful!
Outburst outrage
Displayed thoughtlessy
Leading to confusion