Weep if You Must by Dollin Holt


the land boasts

vast mineral wealth


yet hosts

some of the poorest on earth


old and young beg on dusty streets

denied bread and roof over their heads


and the children

they are on the streets


they roam and roam

till the sun comes home


they are denied education

this life-altering and life- liberating thing


the worst tyranny

you could ever visit on a child.






Hang on, and be Hopeful by Dollin Holt







early butterfly

perched gracefully

on a green meadow

and flapped gloriously

I watched from the sun bleached window

and was dazzled by its ostentation against the beaming sun

and was curious about its manifestation as a brown butterfly

remembering that in a previous life it was that leave-eating

crawling caterpillar, hanging on, camouflaging in the meadow

the story of the butterfly is simply that no condition remains

the same, so hang on and be hopeful.


I Shall Carry You With Me My Soul by Dollin Holt







I am

not who

I used to be

not because I have changed

but because the world has changed

and like the wind has carried me along with it

and like driftwood in river I have flowed along with it

one has to move with the wind, tide, time and the world

even as I move with these elements I shall carry you with me

my soul, I shall remember always who I am and how I begun.