Chronicle of a Herdsman in my Boyhood Days by Dollin Holt




you came to occupy

the place of a mythic

in my boyhood days

in songs and folklores

you were romanticized

as the intrepid wandering soul

who at twilight laid on a straw mat

under the starry southern night sky

and watched as the cattle rested

and all you had was that mini radio

broadcasting stories in your language

and all you had was that bow and arrows

and all you had was that cane with which

you prodded straying cattle on green pasture

my question is what happened to that innocence

that my eyes saw?


I Shall Return Home by Dollin Holt






i shall return home

i shall become reticent

i shall become one who is silent

i shall cease to be an endangered specie

i shall cease to be one who speaks truth to power

i shall cease to be one who lives from hour to hour

i shall not flee my homeland and become one who is wanted

i shall not remain in this land and become those not wanted

i shall return to my homeland and wine and dine with traitors

what good is truth in a world of untruths? i shall return home.

dh (Lamentations of Aisha- Refugee Series- Caprecon Development Foundation)