Love Finds Me on Unbeautiful Days by Unwana Ekarika







Love finds me on

unbeautiful days.

Days with sleepy eyes,

Trying to throw out the trashcan.

Days with stains of cerelac

on my black dress,

Trying to tuck my nephews

in the school bus.

Days with unkempt hair

and a sweaty face.

Love finds me on

unbeautiful days.

Days I don’t deem fit to find love.

But when I rush to get

beautiful for love,

I see love is gone!


By Unwana Ekarika

There are no Tears for Burned Bridges by Mmeje Judith Ugochi




There are no tears for burned bridges,
I drowned in mine a long time ago.

Tranquility rages in my core,
Roaring silence deafening my being,
Who knew she had a sound?

I can see the wings growing behind my trunk,
Beautiful, blazing in fiery colours,
Set wide like the peacock,
With pride ready to take flight,

I feel stifled,
My legs planted into the ground,
Even if the path awaits me ahead.

This isn’t what it’s meant to be,
This isn’t who I am,
I scream within,
Loud enough to tear my lungs apart.

There’s a river flowing beside,
The current heavy,

Flow towards my stifled feet,
Dear River,
Wash these earth that plant me here,
I need to take flight like the eagle that I am,
I have to see the horizons and all that’s within.

There are no words coming forth,
Insanity ties her rope round my waist,
My silence has a sound.

Dollin Holt
This is for you.