FOR THE LOVE OF PAGES by Nkaiso Asikpo


Have you ever caught yourself lost while glancing through pages?
Oh yes, I have.
And I absolutely prefer to be lost in books than to be found in a chaotic world!

The world is full of chaos,
Isn’t it?
reading a book makes you see the bright, brighter and brightest sides of the world.

I love to spend time with my family and friends,
Talking about sensible, senseless and funny issues.
And I also love to listen to sensible, senseless and funny issues as I read through pages,
These folks on different pages are part of my family and friends too.

Sometimes, I agree with their thoughts.
Other times, I don’t agree with their thoughts.
I still listen to them just as I listen to people that are not speaking through pages!
In all, I am really curious about knowing their perspectives concerning different life issues.

I pick up ideas from their thoughts,
I cry because of some of their experiences,
They teach me different things in different ways!
I love the folks on my pages!

Over the years,
I have fallen deeply in love with books.
And nothing or no one can separate us.

When I am overwhelmed,
Books calm my nerves!

When I am grieved,
words soothe my soul.

When I am lost,
Then I am found skipping through pages.

When I am depressed,
Words revive my soul.

When I need to laugh,
I know my ribs will crack after reading humorously scripted stories.

Almost all that I now know were inspired directly or indirectly by pages,
Almost all that I still crave to know will be inspired directly or indirectly through pages.

If I could speak for a moment,
And the whole world was listening,
Can you guess what I will say?

Oh well, don’t think longer.
I’ll say:
“Listen world,
Learn how to read,
Read to learn,
Think deeply about what you read,
Make your world better with the ideas you capture,
Teach what you learn,
And never stop reading!”.

I love books,
A great friend,
A great therapist,
And nothing or no one can separate me from the love of books!

Happy World Book Day in arrears!

HELL, HEAVEN, HOME by Nkosiyazi Kan Kanjiri






In our home,

There is a map to hell.

I followed the fury in father’s eyes

Until I gathered hell resides

Where father’s palm meets mother’s cheek.

When hell breaks loose,

Mother becomes different shades of heaven.

Her face cracks into a thousand splendid stars,

Her voice splits into the colours of the rainbow.

She sheds no tears,

She was told

The sun is majestic in the storm.

She was taught the moon shines in the dark,

Where, upon its gaze,

Children gather around a bonfire to share beautiful stories.


(Nkosiyazi Kan Kanjiri ©




Mother of every breed,
You wrap us in your arms.

You express your ideas,
And your children are inspired by them.

Nature sings and we love her melody.
We dwell in you and even when we are unconscious of you,
You still wrap us in your arms.

In the midst of the world’s chaos,
You still stagger to stand firmly!

We act in ways that hurt you.

We pollute the environment beyond our immediate understanding of the resultant effect of our actions.😢

Mother Earth,
We love you and we will keep gaining more knowledge on how to preserve your beauty.😊

Happy World Earth Day to you!

-Nkaiso’s thought.

i had a dream






had a dream

and buried it

in the fullness of time

she loomed into sight

as they say, time is noiseless

as they say, love is timeless

at the right time, true love looms into sight.



Kindness does not Crumble





So on this cold wet night
My brother looks me in the eye
He says: all this money you spend on kindness
You could build a house

So on this cold wet night
I look at my brother in the eye
I say: I have seen so many houses crumble
My brother looks me in the eye

So on this cold wet night
I say: brother, I have seen so many houses crumble
With the smile I bring to faces I feel humble
I have never seen an act of kindness crumble

Kindness does not crumble