from across the waters

you see us as wretched

poverty-battered souls

to be fed and watered


From across the waters

we see a rescuer/saviour

our entire being centred on you

our entire being centred on you



we want to rise from this dust

of AID and dependency and poverty

and hopelessness


we want that river where emancipation flows

and with our strong hands

fetch its water wash and water ourselves

and grow us a new life.


point us to the river where self-worth flows

point us to that river where emancipation flows













the storm has come and gone

leaving in its wake

a nation searching its soul.


decent folk pick up the slain

from debris strewn streets

and lay them to rest in the fields.


though the guns have fallen silent

spoilers emerge from dark streets

stoking ambers of hate, beating war drums


they bury their atrocities in waters

and hope it washes away into the ocean

but no ocean could wash away blood of the slain.


brethren come forth

bring some comfort

to the heart of widows

who with vacant eyes

grieve inconsolably.


brethren come forth

bring some comfort

to the heart of orphans

who with teary eyes

gaze emptily.


brethren there is a wound

in your soul too

festering, it burns for healing,


brethren there is an emptiness

In your soul too

lingering, it yearns for forgiveness


brethren if you come forth

with contrition and tell your story

maybe, healing comes tomorrow


I see a flame so fragile

glowing in the dark

it dances softly to the blowing winds

of reconciliation for victim and perpetrator.



Rohingya Boy Orphan


i hear

at nightfall

as rain falls


in Cox’s bazar

across the river

a child’s crying voice

echoing eerily across the land

i see his  tiny stretched hands

his little footprints on wet sands

poor little boy was found amidst

the chaos and confusion and noise

at the scene of massacre that claimed his mother

and ever since the boy calls for his mother at nightfall